Tartar Sauce

Tartar Sauce Ingredients: 1 cup of good quality mayonnaise. 1 tbl spoon of each of the following: Gherkins Fresh Capers Curly Pasley Fresh Mint. 2 teaspoons of W.W.S. Salt & Pepper to taste. 2 teaspoons of lemon rine Sour Cream Method: Cut all the greens to as small as you can. Combine with the mayo, […]

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Slow Baked Ham/Glazed Ham

Slow Baked Ham/Glazed Ham   HAM GLAZE Ingredients: – Juice from three oranges – 2 tbl spoons of Honey or Brown Sugar – White Wine Vinegar or White Wine – 1 tbl spoon W.W.S. Method: Cooked Ham 1. Remove the rind, try to leave about 1 cm of fat. 2. Score the fat into diamond […]

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