Slow Baked Ham/Glazed Ham



– Juice from three oranges
– 2 tbl spoons of Honey or Brown Sugar
– White Wine Vinegar or White Wine
– 1 tbl spoon W.W.S.

Cooked Ham

1. Remove the rind, try to leave about 1 cm of fat.
2. Score the fat into diamond squares (it’s easiest to start at the fat end and take it through on an angel to the knuckle).
3. Mix together all of the ingredients.
4. Heat oven to 100°c.
5. You will need one baking dish, lined with al-foil. Place ham into your dish and baste with your glaze.
6. Place into oven and re-baste every 10-15 minutes, until the Ham is glazed to your liking.
It will take 1 to 2 hours depending on the oven.

Uncooked Cold/Smoked Ham

*An average ½ leg of ham (5kg) will take 7 hours at 100°c, depending on the size of your ham it may take longer or shorter to cook.
1. Place ham on a baking rake before putting it into the al-foil lined baking dish.
2. This ham will have juices, while it is cooking.
3. Glaze you ham every 20 minutes for the first 3 hours.
4. Then cover the top of the ham with al-foil (gently tucking the ends in)
5. Baste every hour for the next 3 hours.
6. Remove the foil.
7. Turn your oven to 150°c and re-baste every 15 – 20 minutes for the last hour.

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*Note: This is a beautiful Ham for Christmas (hot or cold). I think it would be a special order from your butcher, but well worth it. Ask him to skin it and score it for you.
Cheers B.J.